Thursday, April 8, 2010


As if you need a reason to hire me to find you your next home, this just came in today from a great client who I helped get a SWEET DEAL on a studio...

"Thanks for getting me this great place. The building and apartment are awesome, I am really enjoying it.  
All my friends love the place. Probably the best building and apartment I've ever lived in.

Will soon be throwing a small party on the roof and will send you the invitation.

I'm taking my time settling down, not in a hurry. Was hanging out on the roof yesterday with some friends. The view from up there is awesome.

Thank You for all your help throughout the whole process, right from understanding my needs and budget, to showing me the awesome building & apt, all the way to signing the lease. Also thank you for being available all the time, on the phone as well as for personal meetings. That really helped move things fast.

Thanks again!!

What are YOU waiting for? If you are looking to move, THIS is the time!  I have some amazing deals that you must see! Till then... Peace out. Check out for the latest deals or give me a call at 212-452-6108 to discuss your needs. "It's what i do!"


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