Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have you heard of INSURENT???

There is a great service out there for many people looking to rent an apartment in New York City. INSURENT is an insurance company that will guarantee your rent in the event you can't get approved on an application.


  • If you have bad or no credit
  • You don't want or have a guarantor
  • Want to have the lease in your name
Who uses INSURENT?
  • Diplomats
  • Students (just out of school with a JOB!)
  • Visitors to the U.S. wanting to live in the city
  • Your income doesn't meet the 40x amount (45x the rent for some)
How do you get approved?

Check out and fill out the online application. Once you have been approved, contact me and I will search for listings that take Insurent. You will still be required to submit an application with all of the required documents (see previous post). 

What are the fees for this service?

It varies.  The common cost is about 60% of one month's rent. NOT BAD considering how easy the process is and they will guarantee your rent in the event you lose your job, break your lease or end up in a position where you can't pay your rent.

Check out for your next home.  Call me at 212-452-6108 to talk about your needs and when/where/why/how you are going to move!  I am here to help you and would love to find you your next home!


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