Monday, May 24, 2010

further reason why i do not like the fake, outdated, garbage that is on CRAIGSLIST!

Thanks to our friends at Curbed who posted an ad from Craigslist. Now, in the coming days I will be posting a story on the pros and cons of using the internet to search for an apartment in NYC. But until then, please enjoy this laugh. I say laugh because it's funny, however it's something I deal with daily.

Take EVERYTHING you see online for what it's worth! Don't believe everything you see. Put your trust in a Broker. Yes, many can be annoying and unfortunately some aren't 100% ethical, but that's not who I am.  My clients reward me by sending me referrals. I don't rely on blind advertising such as Craigslist for business. Again, that post will be coming soon.

Here is the link to the article.  Enjoy!


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